Firefox Tweaks and Plugins
(posted 2018.11.06, last updated 2018.11.07)

As a developer I love Firefox, gives me plenty of options, possibilities to mod whatever I want, and does not sent (all) my surfing data to one of that big bad companies all know ;)

Sometimes I need the one or other tweak or mod, and just to list them somewhere I will put them here. (so I can remember myself ;) )


Favorite addons / In-Use

ConexTabgroup'esque successor
Cookie AutoDeleteAllows to delete cookies automatically as wished
CORS EverywhereBypass CORS restrictions by altering http responses
MyJownloaderClick-n-Load plugin for MyJD
Reload in address bar-
StylusUserCSS plugin
uBlock OriginAd blocker(and more)
Video Speed ControllerAllows to control HTML5 video speed
ViolentmonkeyUserscript plugin

Worth a look

Formerly used addons / Worth mentioning

Keyword SearchDetermine (fixed) search engine in awesome barnow in FF
TabGroupsManagerHave a bar to switch tab groupsBreaks my FF design/buggy
Adblock EdgeAdblockerswitched to uBlock Origin
Add to Searchbar broken
ColorZillaColorPicker from Websitenow in FF
Download Status BarDisplay Download Status in Barbroken since FF Quantum. Possible replacement:
FirebugWebProgramming Debuggernow in FF
GreaseMonkeyCustom scripts for certain siteshad some issues with Quantum first, so I switchted to Violentmonkey.
QuickJavaOn/Off for Java/-script, Flash, ...broken since FF Quantum
Status-4-EvarRe-Add a status/addon barbroken since FF Quantum