Thunderbird Tweaks and Plugins
(posted 2018.11.06, last updated 2019.09.16)

I love Thunderbird, it allows me to do so many things and normally the way I like it to be done.


But sometimes I need to tweak some config stuff to make it behave like I want to. Here I will list some config tweaks I used (and would like to remember ;) ).


Furthermore I would like to list my most favorite Plugins:

CardBookUltimate CardDAV managergithub mozilla
LightningIntegrated Calendarmozilla
SieveServerSide Sieve Filter Mgmtgithub mozilla
Show InOutIn/Out Icon in Message Listwebsite mozilla
Virtual IdentityDifferent ID for contactsgithub website
Correct IdentityStore used ID for contactsgithub mozilla
DKIM VerifierVerify DKIM signatures

Formerly used addons / Worth mentioning

Inverse SOGo ConnectorCardDAV/CalDAV SyncCalender supports CalDAV, Contacts handled by CardBook