3D Printer A10
(posted 2019.01.29, last updated 2020.05.25)

Updated on 2019.09.13: Hw details, Firmware Update


One of my friends got a 3D printer and he is very exited about his new hobby. Long story short, I got my own 3D printer =) To be honest I was already thinking about that for some time.


After some research with help of said friend I stuck with the Geeetech A10. Cheap entry model, and good quality for that price acording to some reviews.


Compared to many other kits, the assembly is a piece of cake: The frame is preassembled in two parts and is put together by four screws. Filament holder, PSU, and display each require two more screws and then all parts are in place. Then, around 10 cables have to be connected, all neatly hold together with cable ties and conduits. And thats it.

First steps

Started leveling, printed a test cube with Repetier Host, adjusted "steps/mm" and voila.


There are different versions of this printer. My A10 uses the GT2560 v3.0 board and offers a filament sensor and prepared cables/connections for a 3DTouch sensor.

Bought a 3DTouch sensor, still unclear if I like it or prefer manual leveling.


Updated to Marlin 2 using Arduino IDE V1.9 beta


Originally I started with using Repetier Host but fast switchted to Cura. Currently, using Cura 4.2.1


Currently, I only used one sort: "GEEETECH Filament PLA 1.75mm"


My Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/n00b42