NAS Media server
(posted 2021.02.21, last updated 2023.12.15)

After my previous media server broke, I decided to run a new setup


[new components]

[existing components]

[optional/future components]


This time I wanted to give TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) a try. Later, after some struggle with migration and reading into it, I chose Unraid instead.

Unraid (


Beloved Media Center and competitor of Plex.


JD with remote control via

Secure Web Application Gateway (swag)

Allows to tunnel applications through https quite easily.

Important I added swag and all "apps" it should utilize to the same Docker Network "Custom: cdocknet".


Firefox SyncServer

I hosted my syncserver instance on a very cheap hosting plan, seperated from all my other hosting, but recently they decided to increase prices, therefore considered moving it to the NAS.